Fattening Baked Chicken!

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Fattening Baked Chicken!

Ive been cooking since 5 yrs old ,so recipes and measurements I dont follow, so posting on here I really couldnt really do often.

But this recipe is SOOOOOO simple and GOOOD!!!!

  1.  pre-heat oven to 350
  2. 3-4 chicken breast
  3. 1 large tub of sour cream
  4. 1 large tub of cottage cheese( large curd if possible if not no biggy)
  5. I also throw in a handful of goat cheese but not needed.
  6.  In large bowl mix well the sour cream and cottage cheese.
  7. In 9x9 oven dish place chicken breast
  8. Pour sour cream and cottage cheese mix over top of chicken
  9. Bake at 350 for a hour or until done.....As with all chicken recipes check with thermometer (160 degrees)




Re: Fattening Baked Chicken!

I have been doing a very similar chicken recipe for years, it's great!

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