Fried Chicken Tony Style!!

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Fried Chicken Tony Style!!

Neede Items:

Chicken portions

Large bottle olive oil (extra extra virgin)

1 1gal size ziploc freezer bag.

1 large bowl

lawry's season salt

red pepper

black pepper

plain salt

Flour (all purpouse)

Basil flakes, and parsley Flakes.

1. Clean and prepare Chicken (Removal of skin if so desired) rinse and place in large bowl.

2. Into the plastic freezer Mix all the other ingredients....I measure by eye.....I like for my flour to take on a slight orangey color (from the lawry's), you should be able to see the other ingredients spread evenly thru the flour mixture..

3. Place several Pieces of the chicken into the bag, seal, and shake like crazy!!

4. Place skillett on stove and pour olive oil into it. heat until just starting to boil...Med/med High heat....about 6 or 7 on some stoves...Gas stoves you want a low to med flame....takes longer for the chicken to cook but it comes out so crispy!!

5. Place chicken in skillett and allow to cook thoroughly!!! 15minutes min. for average breast @ 350deg!!!

Remove chicken and repeat steps....

6. After you have cooked your chicken, you can close the ziploc bag and place in freezer for repeat use..

Enjoy!! This chicken should come out golden and crispy, with a little taste of the med with a little kick!!



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