...Google for Hackers !

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...Google for Hackers !

I thought this was funny and i thought i would share it.  This is a real Google search!





What a riot...

Have you figured out the key?

My subscription to PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is long expired, otherwise I would probably try "Google". Of course, there are other encrypting programs.

Hey Hubby, it's got to be 12:30 a.m. over there by the time I posted this...is that to say you're officially "geeked"? No nightlife for you on a Friday night?;-)

I, at least, have 3.5 hours to hit the clubs over here on the West coast. If you see me still logged on in a hour, be sure to flame me!

You cannot perceive beauty but with a serene mind. -Henry David Thoreau

Can someone explain this?? LOL

Cause this dummy has no clue!

That's how the h4x0r$ 'talk'

That's how the h4x0r$ (hackers) type things out.. It's funny that Google would make a page like that!


I have always thought it was just a display of how lazy kids are now OR how bad the education system has become. (I am starting to sound like my Mom)

Ok...but um....

is it like a code other people can actually "read"? Cause um....I'm one of those er....."educator people"......and despite my familiarity with children and their
"inventive spelling" this makes no sense to me!! LOL

Hacker code

Ya.. You have to be 15 years or younger to understand it..

i dont get it.lol

i dont get it.lol


My 8r4in!!....Meye 8r4in!! 

 Jesus!!  I trie dlooking at that junk,,,,

 And after a while it started to make sense....and then My head felt like it was going to explode

Big brother is watching....beware!!!

Re: ...Google for Hackers !

The most amusing part of it is that Google took the time, effort and money to actually do that lol! It's a subtle way of making fun of a particilar (sometimes naughty) portion of the online community.

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