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Google picasa

i'm new with computers and i just read this short review about google's picasa
the pictures looks great and i think to download it.
is this free software any good? is it safe to use (no spyware)?
is it realy free for ever (or just for 30 days or so)

The review


Yes, Picasa is safe and good!

Yes, Picasa is good, safe, and spyware free!
We have some info on it at this page:
Free Photo Editing
Or you can download it directly from this link:

Google Picasa Review

Google Picasa is entirely free to use on your computer with no hidden charges. Picasa is easy for doing simple edits and managing simple albums. You can also download to the net up to 500 pictures to Picasa Web to share with others entirely free. If you want to store more than that there is a charge. Also if your friends want pictures printed and mailed to them there is a charge. That's the good news.

But if you intend to make a more serious hobby out of it, I suggest you will want to shop around. I have 250+ photos from a trip I want to share with family and friends around the country. Picasa promises to be as simple about that as its editing package. But dealing with 250 photos that required a major resort is labor intensive. Picasa only allows drag and drop, no cut and paste. Their tutorial and help screens are to simplistic and sometimes wrong. Picasa offers no help beyond their simple screens for any price. And I have yet to find a user forum that can help.

So as a new user, this is probably a good place to start. It will introduce you to some bacic tasks to edit and manage your photos, but if your needs grow, to greater sophistication or number of photos, you will want to shop around.


I downloaded Picasa recently myself. Don't know the ins and outs yet or how long I'll like it.

What I did like was being able to organize my pictures a little easier, time is not a friend to me lately it seems. I also, lightened up a few pictures I took while we were scouting for elk and I could see some things I hadn't seen before.

That's about it for me with Picasa right now. I don't have Photoshop right now, so it was helpful to have this.


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Re: Google picasa

I am new to this forum and helpsite so am hoping for some good (beginner) help.

I have downloaded Picasa, have uploaded my photos from my digital camera and created a web album in a slideshow format. I have played it back so I know it works. Now I would like to email that slideshow - could someone please tell me simple instructions on how to do that.

Thank you in advance.

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