"NEW" MySpace Worm - Virus

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"NEW" MySpace Worm - Virus

This is new worm!!! It seals your passwords and login Info. I found it in my About Me section. So I sent it to MySpace and I just got A reply back saying It was caused from a fake MySpace Ad or From a Infected profile I visited that already had A Infection, so I am thinking its Contagious

NOTE: They said it's a very rare Virus/Worm

If you get it delete it and change your password and your E-mail address as well before they get a chance to take over and lock you out.

 It Has Been Edited A Little So It Would Not Affect This Page But This Is The Virus


<fuseaction name="validatelogin">
<xfa name="goodlogin" value="wwgbrowse.showCatalog" />
<xfa name="badlogin" value="public.showlogin" />
<set name="rs_userinfo" value="&#035;application.users.validateLogin(attributes)&#035;"/>
<if condition="&#035;rs_userinfo.recordcount&#035; gte 1" >
<set name="session.user" value="&#035;application.users.user_setup(rs_userinfo)&#035;" />
<set name="attributes.profileid" value="&#035;session.user.access&#035;" />
<set name="rsProfilePrivs" value="&#035;application.security.q_getprofileprivs(session.user.access)&#035;" />
<set name="rs_privileges" value="&#035;application.security.q_getprivilegebyarea()&#035;"/>
<set name="session.user.privileges" value="&#035;application.users.user_privs(rsProfilePrivs,rs_privileges)&#035;" />
<relocate url="&#035;myself&#035;&#035;xfa.goodlogin&#035;" type="client" />
<relocate url="&#035;myself&#035;&#035;xfa.badlogin&#035;" type="client" />
<fuseaction name="showlogin">
<xfa name="submit" value="public.validatelogin" />
<do action="v_public.showlogin" contentvariable="content.main" />
<fuseaction name="logout">
<set name="" value="&#035;application.users.clearsession()&#035;" />
<relocate url="&#035;myself&#035;wwgbrowse.showCatalog" />
<postfuseaction callsuper="false">
<do action="layouts.default" />
<!-- --> -->




That really doesn't look

That really doesn't look like a worm to me... and MyspaceLog is a legitimate tracker, and has been around for a while, long before this worm popped up

OOPS Kahdaver

OOPS That part was not suppose to be in their thats part of my tracker LOL.

I screwed up when Posting it cause I pasted it into word to edit it so it would not do any bad to this site and cause grownupgeek.com was offline at the time.

PS: Thanks for pointing that out I appreciate it.



NP anything i can do to help the monkey.

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