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Steak or chicken, Or Shrimp


Jalapeno's Habenareo's, Green Chili Pepper

Green Bell Pepper Cayan Pepper

Other Stuff:

Red and white onion, Cumin Powder, Red Pepper (Ground)

Lawry's (of course), Small amount of Celery Salt, Garlic Crushed or sliced Clove,

Small Tomato or two.....

Dales, Texas Pete!!

Olive Oil EEV

Cheese Your Preference here, I use about 4 different cheeses grated into a combo of my own..Thats my secret touch so I cant share...


1. Wash and Clean Desired Meat(s), Cut meat into small slices or strips

2. Place Small amount of oil, in pan and preheat pan..

3. Clean and Slice all vegetables and set to side (With the potential risk involved with prepping these peppers use extreme caution and be SURE to THOROUGHLY wash hands before touching ANYTHING, especially face or eyes, after cutting peppers!!!!)

Now I Like My Vegetables a little more crunchy than most....So if you want your veggies to be more done put into pan sooner than I do.

4. Place meat into prehaeted Pan and Season to you Specs with the emaining Items...To give a slight twist to the food add a touch of brown sugar to the meat while cooking...

5.Once meat is done add the vegies to your meat.

6. hen the vegies are Blanched the food is ready.

7. Place mixture on a tortilla, add cheese and other garnish and enjoy!!!

For those that can handle the heat this is a damn good way to enjoy a firey meal! Be sure to have plenty o' beer on hand, or other beverages!!!




two suggestions..?

First, and i really dont mean to sound rude... I suggest that instead of JALAPEñO Peppers, you should use SERRANO peppers. I have to say they look alike, but with the exception in size. SERRANO peppers are green, but are smaller.According to me they taste better, and are MUCH more spicier.. of course if thats what you want.

THe SEcond thing I wanted to add was that if you are concerned about the effects of cutting the Peppers and touching your face there are two soulutions. THe first is to wear plastic gloves, or if you dont have those simply wash you hands in COLD water, Rinse them again in LEMON juice and then Wash your hands again in COLD water.


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