Smoked roast......

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Smoked roast......


Roast :  pork or beef.....size of roast determines length of cooking time...





Garlic:  Crushed cloves



Sweet Basil

Vidalia onion (sweet white onion) Sub if you don't like


Cumin Powder

Celery stalk


Cherry chips:wood

Plum chips

Apple chips


1. Wash and Clean Roast

2. With a extremley sharp Knife Split roast down the middle (Butterfly it) set to the fridge

3. Clean and Slice onion/ cut celery into small chunks/ clean and slice mushrooms....

4.  Take Roast and Tenderize the Two Wings...(beat the hell out of them with a wood mallet)

5. Place vegetables inside the roast...Close halves as best you can...Tie them closed...

6. Place roast on foil and season with above, to your tastes.

7. Wrap roast in foil....wrap real good!!

8. Start Grill and allow coal to cool....turn white...Gas Grills use low..

9. Take all wood chips and Mix together, Wrap in foil and Place Directly on top of coals..Gas grills place inside grill under Grill plates...

10.  Once Smoke has started Place Roast On Grill and Let her go...Turn every so often, and Cook to your desired point...

While cooking you can open the foil somewhere, and add your Dales...

11. Remove From Grill unwrap, Carve and Serve!!!!  use vegetables as Garnish, and sides.....


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