So which one(s) is the best?

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So which one(s) is the best?

MySpace trackers are certainly a hot topic around here, but after swimming through all the posts, I don't believe we've come up with an answer to "Which one works the best?" Or at least reasonably well, considering we all also work to block trackers at the same time. I've used MySpace Log, which is only so useful, and MixMap, which seems slightly less so... Now, I don't want to start another 5 or 6 page topic with everyones different experiences, (we already have that, it's also useful for questions regarding using different trackers) but I would appreciate a response from anyone who can say "This one is good, give it a try!" Thanks in advance!


So far, i have been getting

So far, i have been getting Rave reviews about spyspace. Google SpySpace

I actually have two

I actually have two trackers. I use both and spyspace. The former seems to work more accurately than the latter.


I agree with the above post.



Just in case they (Myspace) filters those two out, I've also been using Trackspace.

It allows you to build a database of visiting profiles by entering in the friend ID obtained from the two trackers stated above. It's a good contingency plan.


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Re: Ditto...

Thanks again for the tip, been experimenting the last few days. I like using TrackSpace like a database, I'm far too lazy to write those kind of things down. I also like the source, ("friend's list", "other", etc) but mostly I'm getting "other". Is there any way to narrow these down? They're coming from all over the country, I have no way of knowing who they are. I never could get Spyspace to work without making Norton angry, but at least I'm picking up interesting things with the trackers I have.

a ha!

Now we are getting somewhere! I will try them out later tonight. Thanks!

myspace trackers

hi just wondering if there is any way i can find out who has visited my myspace since i created it?? i got a tracker today but it can only tell me who visited my site from today...

Re: myspace trackers

Nope, no way to do that unless you're myspace staff.

Thank you ever-so much!

Thank you ever-so much for the help i really appreciate it
had a guy kinda stalking me and just wanted to know how many times he visited my site!!


i'm a lil confused about the trackers on myspace. can someone still find out if i am viewing their profile if i am not signed on to a tracker account? i don't want to know who is viewing me but i wonder if people can still know who i am if i check out their page even though i don't have a tracker myselft. so do i have to add all these track blocker codes still? hope to get an answer soon. thank you!


So you want to stalk??  Yes, there are some (or one) that will track even if you aren't logged in...if you don't clean out your cookies.  Most trackers just log IPs.  Make sure you use Mozilla Firefox with the ADD-ONs NoScript and Adblock Plus (with current filters).  If you want to be sure your IP is not tracked, use a proxy. 


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