Tony's Green Beans.....

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Tony's Green Beans.....


Fresh or frozen Whole Green beans

Garlic powder



Almond Slivers

Olive oil EEV

Green onion


1. Wash the Green Beans and cut off the ends.

2. in appropriate size pan (determine by amount of beans you are prepping) Puor a little of the Olive oil and preheat

3. Cut the Green onion into small pieces/ slice and dice

4. once oil is hot put Beans into oil and season with salt and garlic, add inion.

5. add Almonds,

6. Blanch the beans and wait just a couple more minutes....

7. for a tweaked flavor, add just a dash of cooking sherry

 Remove from heat, Drain, and place on platter, Enjoy!!!!



Re: Tony's Green Beans.....

That sounds great. I think I'd try putting the almonds in first for a bit so they get a bit of toastedness to them....yum.

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