Internet help: What is an internet user group or forum?

What are internet 'user groups' or internet forums?

An internet user group or forum is a website that people can post messages about a specific topic and reply to each others messages. This type of website is also known as a bulletin board.

Internet news groups are similar to a forum or bulletin board, except news groups require special news-group reading software, and require you to connect via special servers, although many news groups are now also available via standard web pages. Internet news groups were one of the first services available on the internet, available long before "the web" was invented.

Examples of internet user groups and forums

Below are some examples of good user groups/forums on the internet:

  • Grown Up Geek's Forums!
  • Broadband reports (BBR) is a large community focused mainly on the discussion of high-speed internet (DSL, Cable). But there are also areas to discuess computer problems, new electronic gizmos, and many other topics.

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