Your Worst "support" Experiences

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Your Worst "support" Experiences

I know that many GuGee's are the "Geek" of the family, or the Geek in Training - meaning that when something goes wrong with Grandma's PC, Dad's DVD player or the neighbor's internet connection, they come to YOU for free help and support.  So I thought it might be funny (if not funny, at least geeky) to read some of your worst or funniest support experiences.. 

I have many, but this one always comes to mind as one of the best (or, worst if you were me):

A co-worker and friend called me late one evening because she was trying to find some files that she KNEW were on her computer, but she had no idea where they were or how to find them.  I figure it's simple - i'll talk her through doing a file search on her C: drive.. This person works on a Windows PC every day - for the last ~10 years or so and has above-average intelligence... Simple right? 

  • phone: ring-ring-ring
  • ME: herroow?
  • her: (smalltalk first).. I made a file in Microsoft and I need to email it to someone but now I can't find it!
  • ME: ok.. did you do a search?
  • her: Yes! it's not on my screen
  • ME: did you search for it?
  • her: i've looked all over my screen it isnt here!
  • ME: ok, do you know how to do a 'search' ?
  • her: you can do that?
  • ME: *bites tongue* - uh huh
  • her: ok, how can I do that?
  • ME: it's easy.. first, double-click on My Computer
  • her: -(silence)-
  • ME: waiting
  • ME: did you double click My Computer?
  • her: laughter & giggles
  • ME: waiting longer (assuming she cant find the My Computer icon.. i'll be nice and wait 'cause that's the kinda guy i am)
  • ME: (tired of waiting now) are you finding it? did you double click on My Computer ?
  • her: (angry now) - Dont be STOOPIT!! (yelling)
  • ME: huh? Just double click the My Computer icon.. it's easy - do you know what the My Computer icon looks like?
  • her: (angrier) - Stop messing around and tell me how to find my file! If you dont want to help me then forget it!
  • ME: What? Just start by doubleclicking on My Computer
  • her: (pissed off now) - Stop messing around!!
  • ME: what are you talking about? Just double click it!

( went downhill from there)


Share your best...



Re: Your Worst "support" Experiences

I can't top that by far... I tend to start out with the baby steps in click by click instructions... otherwise I find the other person gets frustrated and yells at me like I just asked them to perform brain surgery...

I also learned that everything that happens after I help people is automatically my fault... anything that goes wrong must be my fault if I did anything to their computer at some time in my life or told them to do something.

My worst experiences is anything over the phone... people in my family never tell me if they did something I asked... no 'uh huh' for confirmation... just silence... so it's constantly 'okay click ______' ..... '....................' ...... 'did you click it?' ..... 'yeah..' ....... ' *sigh* okay now click ______' ...... '................' .... 'can you not find it?' .... 'I already clicked it'.... *bangs head on wall*

Or the ones where I'm out in public and have to step by step explain something by memory... I'm not good with file paths by memory.

Oh... one of my favorites: 'What Operating System do you have?' .......... 'I have a Dell.'  *sweatdrop*

Re: Your Worst "support" Experiences

Anime wrote:
'What Operating System do you have?' .......... 'I have a Dell.'

I listen to Leo Laporte's radio show and podcasts and one of my favorites (i can hear the pain in Leo's voice) is:

Leo: ..are you using Microsoft Windows?
caller: Yes.. It's a Mac

for what its worth
Re: Your Worst "support" Experiences

LOL I haven't had any experiences like that, but I was truly surprised when I called another place for help and they said my password was sample.password "all youppercase."  I said "All what???" and they said "youppercase."  I said "Do you mean 'UPPERCASE?" and they said "YOUPPERCASE."  Oh my.

It does drive me nuts though, when you try to help someone and they get click happy.  Give the poor little computer time to work - STOP CLICKING!!!!!  :)

Almost Evil
Re: Your Worst "support" Experiences

My biggest pet peeve is when someone -usually a family member- calls me in a panic b/c "computer broke all by itself i didnt do anything!"

So as patiently as i can (and i have zero patience) i walk them through whatever needs to be done and halfway through it they put me on hold to take another call. OR say they'll call later because the baseball game just started. Apparently it was THAT big of a deal- so next time dont call me at all. Grrr!

I also love

"uh oh, i just got an error!"

"well, what did it say?"

" i dont know, i closed it"



"Who is this irresistible creature who has an insatiable love for the dead? Living Dead Girl"

Re: Your Worst "support" Experiences

i can top very few of those, but one of my first computer clients really threw me for a curve on this one, mother, brings in a dell inspiron 1000 i think, and wants me 2 update it, she wants me 2 find and install 2GB RAM. ...........-facepalms-
you see the problem?
if not then this should help, thanks to my lovely friends i was able to forcibly tell her its not possible,

System Information
Maximum memory: 512 MB
Standard memory: 256 MB (non-removable) or 512 MB = 256 MB (removable) + 256 MB (non-removable)
Slots: 1 socket

me: mam it is not possible
her: why because you dont know how to do it?
me: no because the hardware is so outdated that even if i could find compatible RAM, it the computer will not take it because it is not made to take such a large amount of RAM.
her: so your calling my comptuer junk?
me:.......yea i am,
her: its worked fine for me all this time i just want you to put more memory in it! (annoyed)
me: the memory is already maxed it cant be done (biting tongue hard)
(this is where it gets fun)
her: well if you cant do it then i want the $30 i paid you
me: you didnt give me anything, you came in and demanded me to do things that are not physically possible for that laptop.
her: what ever you couldnt do it anyway
me: -lights a cig- (say nothing just make her leave)..... anything else i can help you with?
her: no bye

after questioning peoples lack of attention spans and intelligence for about 3 hours i moved onto the next client that was waiting for my call to pickup their computer,

EDIT: thanks for the drop on the radio show hubby! ive been looking for a good one to listen to lately, all the other ones are just bs,ing bout crap so not comp related,

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