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Who Knew?

Who knew she would be so much like a baby. A 'real' baby....human like. Midnight feedings. Potty. 'Pay attention to me...I'm wide awake or I'll chew up your favorite shoes!" <-- oh yes! She's attempted such.

She had been up for 2 hours! Now she's wiped out and resting in my crossed legs as I sit at my desk getting my GuG on.

Who knew she'd capture our hearts, make us laugh, yet......make me howl at the moon when she decides to piddle on my Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors or one of my Persian rugs. time is over lil'miss Trin!

MyBrute. (Over it)

I'm so over it!

Its A Girl!

Meet 'Little Miss Trinity.' <-- I will upload a photograph when I bring her home. This is her!

Trini is our newly adopted Cairn Terrier. She is from a private home in Mt. Joy, PA. Not an Amish puppy mill or farm. She has 2 sisters and 1 brother and all were adopted within a matter of hours.

Forgive me Father for I have Tanned!

Confession time. Better get this off my chest before husband of mine (known hereafter within as HOM) discovers the tan lines. I'll at least feel a little less guilt. Um...not likely. *i can hear the tan haters now. leave your comments at the door*

Daylight Saving: Rant II

...i still fricken hate it. This time I mean it. It has been five days. 5. Sleep is off like you can't imagine. No sleep makes 2na a real itchBa. *shocker!* My internal everything is off.

Daylight Saving: Not Impressed.

As most of you know this is my first experience in actually participating in the Daylight Saving Time program. After polling the family a few days into it now, I'm not impressed. We find ourselves going to bed at midnight (last night was 1:00AM) because our reliable internal clock still says 11:00 PM.

Snow Shovel✓ Ice Scraper✓ Bikini?

My last venture out shopping with husband of mine was to prepare ourselves for the snow we now have. It was a rather unsuccessful trip I might add. Headed to the area where Target once housed snow & winter gear, only to find a spring and summer frenzy of employees quickly working with a look of panic on their faces if they don't get that much needed summer display fully finished!

From Crayons to Novels.

She is getting pubished! Mini flew off of the school bus yesterday screaming with excitement and beaming ear to ear. Her smile so big and bright I was briefly distracted from what she was trying to tell me. It was all one continuous sentence.....perhaps even one long long word. She didn't even stop for a breath as I watched her pale ivory skin gradually get redder and redder.

Down It Comes!

Down came the holiday decorations today. Well actually, I am still in the process of such and just taking a break. Getting ready to indulge in a mimosa I see more "breaks" in my immediate future. I enjoy decorating for the holiday season the most.

For the Birds!

So these are the geese I have mentioned in a few threads. Every day, twice a day (breakfast and dinner) thousands of them, well hundreds probably, fly by my home. I know. Big deal. To me however, I have never seen anything like it in my life, except in Alfred Hitchcocks "The Birds." This is like that. There are also a group of smaller birds that do the same thing.


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