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Thanks to all

To all my new friends, and the friends as of yet known:)  Just a quick little note to say Happy 4th and thanks to all for everything.  Most especially thanks to all for your kindnesses to a stranger who came into your world with an agenda and absolutely no knowledge.  

Most of you will never know the effect that your kindness has had on me...On how your simple notes of get well, feel better or your offers to help when you figured out I REALLY didn't know what the heck I was doing has meant to me.  I am truly grateful and want you all to know that.  If I KNEW how to input a photograph here..(hint hint to any mod that reads this) I'd add something, anything that said GROWNUPGEEKS are the BEST!  Oh and it would have to be

Reality has nothing to do with it

The chance encounter followed by the prerequisite question of how are you...expected response of good and you...followed by awkward silence and then a quick good-bye. How many of us have perfected the face? You know the one I mean. The face that we carry with us to work, into the grocery store and to anywhere else where others might see us. It's the calm face with the pseudo madonna smile. The one that proclaims to the world that when asked our reply will be a far from the truth but safe "good and you." How tired it makes us yet we continue to do it. I don't know about the rest of you but I am weary. However rest assured, should you ask.... I'm good, and you?.


Lord have mercy the drama round my part of the big woods is enough to make days of our lives and general hospital read like a childrens bedtime story...

*lol* Oh well at least I'm not bored.  On the other hand I am not pleased with adolescent behavior from 35 year old men who have their mommies call me or message me instead of doing it themselves. Somebody care to explain how this happens? For heavens sake, wake up, reach down and check..yep ya got em now use em. Are you really that scared of little ole me? why I am just a sweet innocent southern belle. Crap even I gagged as I typed that.

Forwarning Rant

i Have a very dicey grip on my temper tonight....appears the ex has been playing games deigned to hurt me for no reason, Not such a big deal but he has already hurt the kids by leaving. He has made no effort to contact them...I'm THINKING instead of calling him target we might have to call this one slug feces....He KNOWS I'm not well and under orders to limit stress. Ass better remember that if I croak.I WILL HAUNT HIM.....just for fun.....

First Blog...:)

Well like most, when I first came here I had my own agenda. Now I am fascinated by all the possibilities out there. I have been warmly welcomed by longtime members and made to feel right at home:)

You all have learned already that unlike most on here I am sooooo not the geek person. In fact I am the

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