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I Have Wood

Living where I do can be very demanding on your back. The winters can be cold and the snow can get deep. Each year we cut wood and stack it and restack it and put it in the woodstove to keep us warm.

Might not sound like much work, but if you think about how many times you lifted that one piece of wood it adds up. You lift it to cut it, lift it to put it in the truck or trailer, lift it to stack it, lift it to put in the wheelbarrow, lift it to get it stacked in the house and lift it to put it in the stove. And when you are the only one who can do it, it becomes quite a chore.

I read the news today

I saw a members quote and I had to go research it because I was sure it meant the "Royal". This place holds a special memory for me because I played a classical guitar piece there when I was about 14 years old.

I started learning guitar when I was 12 years old. My teacher taught us how to play all of the Beatles songs. One of our final grades was to play one of their songs and sing it. Well, I do not sing, but I did play Hey Jude and I still passed. I still have all of my original music sheets from the 7th grade and would never give them up.

Second Tuesday of the Month at Ten after Two

To the reader: This is going to be a strange posting. Think of "The Twilight Zone". My story is all true, but it is weird and to this day it is still unexplained. In fact, I was so frightened at many times, that I would call the Sheriff. I couldn't call the police, because we lived out in the country, 20 miles away from town.

My youngest child was only a few years old. Daddy would go to work and my daughter would be in school. We had a black lab (Lady) that didn't like to stay indoors, didn't like being caged up, but loved to roam the trees that surrounded our A-frame house.

My son and I were lying on the living room floor staring up at the tall A-frame ceiling. As a child, ceilings intrigued me. I would imagine that the ceiling was the floor and I would imagine walking on the ceiling. Boy, walking on this ceiling wasn’t easy, because it was so steep.

After gazing upwards for awhile, I told my son that is was time for our exercises. It was a little past two in the afternoon. He loved doing exercises with mommy. As we did our sit-ups, something outside got very loud. It was a kind of rumbling sound and it was getting louder. Suddenly, it felt as if the whole house was shaking.

Fastforward to Yesterday

I wasn't able to be online yesterday, my day was full. It started at 5 am and at 7 am I went to pick up my daughter and grandbaby. At 7:05 am I went to work, but the lights were out. All of the lights. That meant that I could not go in. I had a free day. Free to be home all day.

I went home with daughter and baby in tow and spent the day trying to clean up inside and outside. Pretty uneventful, except I was tired by the time hubby got home. Daughter's hubby would be here at 5 pm to pick them up. I was really looking forward to unwinding, putting my feet up and relaxing with a beer.

Supper for the next 3 days was almost complete. I smoked a ton of food, which I had started earlier in the day, but it didn't come easy.

I had pre-seasoned all the meats, the smoker was cleaned out, the wood chips had finished soaking in

3. A Conscious Is Not An Easy Thing To Clear

At this point in my life, I was not aware of GuG. It was last year that I happened upon this website. I'm trying so hard to remember how I got here. I do know that I was doing a lot of searching on the internet, even though I had open information on this woman's Myspace page. She was taking yearly trips back west to see her family and an 'old' 'good' male friend.

My mind goes back to last Father's Day. We were sitting out back under our large pine tree, enjoying a beer. We had the grill going and the smoker had been churning out that wonderful hickory smoke flavored smell for two hours. I was smoking 6 chickens and a few packages of brats that were getting ready to find their way to the grill. On the stove beside the grill, sat my large frying pan. I was peeling potatoes and cutting up onions at the table, they would soon be a large batch of fried potatoes in the frying pan. Hubby was playing fetch with our youngest puppy. It was sunny outside and the wind blew just enough to make my wind chimes under the large umbrella canopy covering our table sing with the movements of air.

My Jeep

I've been gone quite a few days from GuG and I missed everyone. a client came a knocking at the door and I was off again and your email was left forgotten along with the house I don't even want to walk in to.

1. A Conscious Is Not Easy To Clear

So I sit here and wonder about the blogs. I just read Geek's Hubby's comment that our blogs are public. Decision then, to edit out my first post or just leave it. I'll decide that later.

Blogs on GrownUpGeek. One would think that they should pertain to the subject at hand. Okay, I can see that point. There are many subjects here at GuG. But I also read where the Hubby said it was our blog and it could be about anything we wanted to write about. But remember, it's not private. Guess it doesn't matter to me, because there just isn't much these days anymore that is private.

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