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Love Burning Bright

I never post my poems. So consider yourselves lucky.

My love for you is burning bright.
When we first met.
We could never fight.
When I first met you.
You were all nice.
Before that, my heart was all ice.
You took my heart and made it solid gold.
I know when I stayed with you.
I was no fool.

Killing Junk Email

My Geo

This car is not even mine, it is my paps, but for some reason i love this car to death (as a material possession not like a girlfriend). i dont know why, but almost every day, i find myself going out to the car, starting it, and just sitting in it, letting it run for a little (this car is not inspected, so im in the middle of fixing it) and like i said its not even mine, but so far ive dumped 100$ into it, replaced the brakes, and the filter tube to the gas tank, am i over obsessed with this car ? and one more question, ive replaced the brakes on the car, but for some reason, its still stopping like the brakes are bad, any ideas as to why ?

why i will never have kids,

ok, i never talk about my personal life on the net, but this one thing in particular just pisses me off. my cousin angie has a 2 year old daughter named alieena. I live with my aunt (lynn), gram (char), pap (otto), cousin (angie), cousins daughter (alieena). now the other day, i come home from work, and im tired, but i had a good day, i kept busy, i made money, i was tired, but happy. I come home and im ready to go upstairs to my room.

The Perfect Girl

I do not post my poetry often, so feel lucky

Lays on couch with hat over face.
Thinking what could have been before falling asleep.
Dreams of sweet whispers spoken in his ear.
Wakes the next morning.
Wishing you were here.
Wishing I was there.
Hoping to be with you every second of the day.
Till all life completely drains away.

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