Can't access myspace at all - help?

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Can't access myspace at all - help?

This is driving me absolutely crazy.

- For about the past three days i haven't been able to access myspace at all from my desktop pc. I also can't access youtube, view embedded youtube videos, access or view images hosted on the site. As you can imagine all that is really annoying.

- I CAN access all these sites from my laptop using the same cable connection.

- Until three days ago i had never had any problems at all viewing the sites. Now i can't get to them at all. If i type into my browser (firefox) it'll say 'waiting for' in the bottom taskbar, it'll then lag for a while (maybe up to 30 seconds) and then give me an error saying 'problem loading page the connection was reset'. I can't access the sites in IE either.

- Aside from not being able to access myspace and the other sites i mentioned i'm not having any other issues.

- I haven't done anything to my internet security or changed anything that could have caused this. I'm the only one using this computer.

- I've tried disabling trend micro, disabling the pop up blocker in firefox, deleting cookies, clearing the browser cache, flushing the dns, i even did a system restore and so far nothing has worked.

I don't even use myspace that often but not knowing why this has happened is so frustrating. Has anyone got any ideas? Has this happened to anyone else?



Re: Can't access myspace at all - help?

Hello can anyone help i seem to be having the same trouble as the person above.It was working fine this morning but then when i try use the website this afternoon it just stopped tha same way like the person above me.

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Re: Can't access myspace at all - help?

I've tried everything as well, completely removed all security features, firewalls, router restrictions, even made it a trusted website. Still tells me it can't find the server, like it doesnt even exist.

Re: Can't access myspace at all - help?

Sounds all too familiar with the MS login!  I’ve had that same exact thing happen to me a few of times.  It’s as though, MySpace gets moody; everything would be fine, I could log in, then, all of a sudden I couldn’t access it for a long time.  Sometimes just trying and trying and trying worked, but very seldom.  I also followed the same steps as described by fruster (deleting cookies, clearing the browser cache, flushing the dns, etc), but to no avail.  The only thing that I found that eventually worked was cleaning everything via System Mechanic Pro 6 (or a similar program), and trying again.  Eventually it worded.  The cleaning programs do a better job that Window’s onboard utilities (and no, I’ve NEVER had any problems with SMP6 messing up my computer).  I’m not saying that it’ll work for everyone’s MS login problem, but it worked/works for me.  I guess the key is a VERY clean system… or maybe it’s total coincidence!


Re: Can't access myspace at all - help?

Wow, some other people who have experienced the same thing!

In the end i just had to wait it out because no one seemed to know what i was talking about with this issue. I kept trying the sites and on about the fifth day they just worked again like nothing had ever happened. As CM says, it does seem as though it's the sites being moody. I'll be trying out those cleaning programs if it happens again to me.

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