A few geeky questions

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A few geeky questions

I'm wondering if it's possible to edit or change my geek username? When I did a google search with my name, my posts in the non private areas showed up. Since I use this same name elsewhere, I'd prefer to keep my geek posts private from anyone who may google my username. Yes, I know I probably should have thought of that before--but hey--this place is for beginners right? LOL


see if this will help...

jewels, first of all, that's a dang good point you bring up about your username and the possibility of someone googling it and seeing posts here.  i never even thought about that.

anyhoo, i don't know if you saw my thread in the myspace forum or not where i talked about this very thing about putting something in your headline.  but if you have any kind of server space, take a look at it and see if it might be able to help you out.

using your own server space access logs as ip tracker

Re: A few geeky questions

one more question.....when i change my user name, do the old posts that i posted under "jleo35", show up as "jleo35" in a google search?

Re: changing your user name

Google keeps a 'cache' (their own copy) of all websites on their servers, so when you search you are searching that cache. until google comes back and updates their cache with your updated name, your old name will still show up on searches.

Google hits our site pretty often, so it should only take a week or two before all pages are updated and only your new name shows in search results..

Re: A few geeky questions


I'm not so good at teh geeky advice, but as for the myspace tracker in the headline I think it still works when it doesn't show up. When I edited my picture page after I typed it in the box and previewed it before posting there was nothing in the box, but when I posted it it still worked. Also for my headline it did this, its code specifies not to show that its there and so hides it when you are previewing it.

Best way to check, put it in and save then wait and get a profile view. It should tack it despite it not showing to anyone.

Hope that helps a bit.

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Re: A few geeky questions

(former JPayne9207) I'm glad you brought this up jewels. I never noticed the username change option either! lol. I was using my old aol screen name: jpayne9207 which I really didn't like. thanks. Wink




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Re: A few geeky questions

Your welcome! I was doing the same thing, and I was like crap---peeps can find me on here and know I'm getting smarter than them.....can't have that now!Laughing


THAT'S who you are! I knew I recognized the spaceship, just couldn't remember the old name! Hi...

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