Get an ip address with their phone number

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I need your help
Re: Some one keeps hacking my site

mobile safari 10 on iOS 10.3.2


sociopath stomper
Re: Some one keeps hacking my

It is none of your F**king business what she intends to do with the information, she had one simple legitimate questkion and here you attack her like she is the aggressor?Oh, or maybe you were assigned the job of watching out for the aggressors of the world? Sounds like it to me. Oh, and nice stunt with the "unless you do this for me, I won't do this for yous'" stunt you just tried to pull on her. Unless she answers your questions, she won't get an answer from you? Who made you God? And, her question was asked first so take turns HOMIE! She can use the ip address to trace their location and usually that location will be familiar to the victim, and she can go from there. And what the **** do you think she is going to do, order a pair of Reebox and charge it on the ip address? Maybe she will knock on your door. Here is the answer just in case you are this ignorant: She will go to the police with this information!!Duh!!!!!!!!!!!! And remember this: FREEDOM OF SPEECH so Let freedom ring. Want a little cheese with that whine? And instead of answering her question, you blast her with questions that stink of "you are ignorant"-type enuendo's laced in them? God how desperate you are! You should try doing something nice for someone without the expectations of being paid back, or is this too Godly for you? I am going to make sure she is okay, I don't care how long it has been. By the way, I was assigned "Gods helper" and I do my job dilligently!

Disclaimer: This message was sent for entertainment purposes only, as those with minds do understand the factuals associated with the information herein.

Steve synnott
Re: Some one keeps hacking my

That's funny u sad stalker thats gotta hack our fonts cos your so in love wit him he don't want u and he loves me..... Oh and get it right u come into my home just to start trouble to try and brake us up which didn't happen and then u try and put numbers on his gone that aren't even really and leave your kid at home while u are out selling your fat pussy all other Luton town streets u fat whore

Steve synnott
Re: Some one keeps hacking my

HEREIN!!!!! yes that's what we are saying Claire Parker from lewsey farm Luton

Anonymous Visitor
Re: Some one keeps hacking my

its very possible.. if you know what your doing

Cyn Gomez
Re: Some one keeps hacking my

What the F it sounds like who ever this person is withholding important info like if they are the one who is hacking gramas computer or text threats to dudes daughter if it was your grama or your daughter it would be a different story if it were my daughter and something happened cause this jack ass wants to have control or some sh!t that can easily be fount on the internet I would hunt his ass down

Alan desantis
Re: Some one keeps hacking my

Try calling from a local business phone
See if you can get them to buy a product

Steve synnott
Someone keeps hacking me

Ha ha ha very funny

Steve synnott
Re: Some one keeps hacking my our fone

Hi babe, I'm sorry to hear about someone that's been hacking your fone as my boyfriends ex as done it to our fonts but we need to find out for defo it's her lol I'm just wondering if u could help us out in some way to find out who is doing it please as its really starting to bring me down with all the stress I've got on top of all this, there even got onto our devices and Gmail iCloud Google etc. I really do need to put an stop to all this now and I will b going to report it soon tho please can u or someone kindly be able to help sort it out thanks xx

boy boy
Re: Get an ip address with their phone number
then hack the phon give me the nuber i promiss that i will find out who that is


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