Getting deleted iCloud messages

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Getting deleted iCloud messages

Yes, I believe iCloud is a cheater's worst nightmare. Unfortunately, I believe iCloud is how me and him was caught. He was not very techniqually suave, and I was just extremely poorly familiar with all the perks of being an Apple user.

What my question is, is there anyway that imessages can be read that have been deleted from the originating device other than iCloud? It's all over and done with now... We have been caught and my world ripped apart for all you holier than thou folks who are wondering. I've read so many different articles that said detailed information sent and revived via imessages can't be viewed because it's not sent like a regular SMS it's sent through your data plan/wifi. I want to know exactly what she saw and how to tell if she's lying to get him to confess (which I told her everything when she confronted me).

The thing is he wasn't just my love interest he was my best friend and confidont because he is a baptist preacher and councler. I told him very private things I've only ever trust him with. Yes pictures were involved. So how do I find out just what was seen? She told him it was all through an itemized bill on Verizon. Yes, his phone is in her name. Please help for my peace of mind.

Moral of the story,, if a man is married, he's off rlimits for friendship and everything else. You can not trust a man who'd persue you when he has someone at home... EVEN if he is a PREACHER. Thanks in advance.

One broken hearted cowgirl.



Re: Getting deleted iCloud messages

There are only two ways to get deleted iMessages that I know of:
1) Restore a backup of the device that was made while the message was on the device
2) Get a lot of money to pay a lawyer to convince a judge to get a court order and have Apple turn over their copies of the messages

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Re: Getting deleted iCloud messages

See that's what I thought. He was very paranoid though and deleted everything after reading it or sending it. I asked her how she done it and asked her about the back up and restore when I was telling her badically coming clean and she said she didn't do it that way... So I don't really see why she'd lie about that, but it's possible. Also she made the comment that she's read a lot of messages between us but not all. This is what makes me think she's found some third party loop hole or that it was from the bill. We were very very careful not to send anything we didn't want read via text it was always imessages. I know for a fact she has indeed read them because of what she asked me about.. No one else knew. So either there's an angry wife out there that's smarter than all of us (which I worked in technical support for a long time for Tmobile and thier smartphones) or either we are completely over looking something simple.

I bet I'm not the only mistress caught this way.

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