good day good people :p

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good day good people :p

Hey all...

yes you in the corner aswell :p just kidding
well i stumbled across this page, no... i walked straght into it and it was a heaven sent, was struggling all day and i finally decided to search for others who had the same prob, i'm not one to ask so i'll learn from others questions :| hopefully i'll become better at that in this family!

was clasified as having great ideas but needing an army to complete the brief :| so i hope to learn as much as i can and be as much help as possible aswell


Re: good day good people :p

Why hello there Darkshinobi.  How good to have you here.  Sounds like you're going to fit right in.  Have fun with the site but, no lurking in the corner please.   Otherwise we will be forced to drag you out and throw you into the light.  Smile Now that you're here be warned that here can get addicting.  But we won't hold it against you.  We're all a bit crazy addicted ourselves... 

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Re: good day good people :p

Welcome to my nightmare. I think your going to like it..... Ah, good ole Alice Cooper..... Now, at the threat of being accused of being high, drunk, etc., I won't be telling you about the horse head in your bed, or the fact that we have cameras pointed at your home at this very moment, making sure that you spend all of your time on GuG and keep the secrets found here........ Nooooooo, that would be crazy! So, I'm not going to do that, ok? Good. Now, welcome to the family. I think your going to like it. 


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Re: good day good people :p

[quote=Darkshinobi] i'm not one to ask so i'll learn from others questions[/quote]

i can't believe you caught me in the corner. *hides eyes* refreshing to have some humor join us. thank you! so you are not one to ask questions? can you pretend to maybe? because the more you ask, comment, and become involved, the more points you rack up & the more badge bling you earn. so Darkshinobi,  hang with us, stay with us, chat with us, and explore with us.

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Re: good day good people :p

Welcome to the family! You'll love it here. 

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Re: good day good people :p

WELCOME!!!!! Glad to have you here :)

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Re: good day good people :p

Welcome to the cult!...err... family!!!!

Friday's are casual... you don't even have to wear pants if you don't want to.... 

Hope you find what you're looking for, and hope you stay for the fun!

Re: good day good people :p

 Hey there newcomer!!  Welcome!!  I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed...  I never knew about the "no pants" rule.. Oh well, guess I'll just start this Friday..  To think what I have been missing out on .. LMBO!!!



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