Google Wants to Put an End to Passwords

Google bot pictureLast week Google announced that they're working on the future of security and online safety and unlike current login methods, Google's new system is not going to use an archaic password style log in. The idea is actually pretty simple and the technology is in use already in a primitive form. Google wants to start using NFC (Near Field Communication) as a new form of authentication, so your smartphone or other NFC security device would communicate with a receiver on your computer to prove who you really are.

There are already highly secure systems out there that use an algorithm to calculate a constantly changing password, many companies and banks already use this, but Google's NFC system would make this required for basically all logins. Google says that they are still in the early stages of development, but in the future they hope to make it possible for users to log in using something as simple and compact as a ring that is NFC enabled.





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