Google Ends 7 Developing Projects

Google has been slowly killing off useless projects for quite some time now because many of them simply aren’t worth the time they have been given. It seems that today was the day for some final house cleaning as Google officially canned 7 more of these development projects.

The various projects cancelled are all somewhat obscure and likely not anything you used, but symbolically it is still a big loss for Google. Projects like Google Wave, Google Gears, Google Search Timeline, and Knol are all things you probably never used from Google and now that they’re being cancelled, you never will. The fact that Google has killed this many projects at once though will likely have some users and analysts concerned in the future, Google has made it abundantly clear that if a project doesn’t become massively popular relatively quickly then it is likely to get cancelled.

If by some chance you were an avid user of any of these Google services then unfortunately you are out of luck. Make sure to contact Google to let them know that you would like to continue using them, who knows, maybe enough people could influence Google’s decision.




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