More Google Glass Information Coming Soon

Google GlassesLast year Google announced and unveiled their next big consumer product, Google Glass, and at this point we still know almost nothing about it. Google has apparently been working on it pretty diligently and they're constantly adding more and more features and now we may finally get some solid details thanks to Google's FCC filing.

In order to sell a wireless electronic device like this Google (and other companies) have to get approval from the FCC. In doing so they must reveal quite a bit about the device and thanks to public record laws we will be able to access the filing. Many experts are hopeful that the FCC filing will give us some valuable insight on what Google Glass can do as well as how it does it.
Google also filed for a new patent last week that might be related to Google Glass. The technology uses vibration to transmit sounds from a device directly to the bones in your head. These vibrations are then picked up by the ear as sound so you can essentially hear audio without any real sound being produced. Odds are this is how Google Glass will work, but until the FCC filings are available we won't know for sure.





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