Google Integrates RSS Reader into Google Plus

To the surprise and joy of many former Google Reader fans, and ahead of predictions made by Social Media experts, Google has finally integrated Google Reader into it's social media product Google Plus.  "We heard the outcry of Google Reader users when we announced we were sunsetting the RSS Reader product" said Google founder and CEO, Larry Page.  "We wanted to alleviate their anxiety and anger by making this announcement at that time, but we just had to be sure that we had all of our ducks in a row with the Google Plus team before going public.  We feel that today was the appropriate time to begin rolling out the RSS feature to all Google Plus users".
Originally publicly shared by +Guy Kawasaki via his Google Plus profile and confirmed on the official Google Plus page, the integrated RSS feature will be rolled-out to all Google Plus users over the next several days.  The new Google Plus RSS reader has all the functionality of the previous Google RSS "Reader" product, with an additional "social layer" tightly integrated with Google Plus.  "I can now share entire RSS feeds, or just specific items" said Guy Kawasaki in his Google Plus post. "This is RSS done right!  It's RSS for the 21st century!".
According to the official Google Plus announcement, the new Google Plus RSS Reader functionality will be rolled out to all G+ users beginning today and should be complete by the end of the week.  Many Google Plus users have reported that by clearing their web-browser cache, restarting their web-browser, and manually 'reloading' their Google Plus home page will 'force' the RSS option to appear.  See the image below which shows the new RSS Reader functionality on a Google Plus profile page.
So what do you think about the integration of Reader into Google Plus?  Is this just another obvious step toward Google moving all products into their new social platform and forcing users to sign up? 
Google Plus RSS Reader


thank you for enjoying this April Fool's joke along with us




why is this icon missing from my G+ control page? This seems like such a simple concept - all I want to do is get RSS feeds into my Gmail Inbox or G+ feed. Why is this simple need so complicated!?!?!?! This seems the best choice:

but this one is WAY too complicated!

anything easier??
Andy this post after searching for Google+ RSS and was so hopeful.... until.... I saw the date. bummer.

I am so glad that Google is doing this! When they announced they were killing Reader I was furious! I don't care if they force me to sign up for Google Plus, I'll do anything to get Reader back.

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