Google Adds Location FInder to Maps (for Geeks only?)

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Google Adds Location FInder to Maps (for Geeks only?)

I noticed this morning that Google Maps has added a "Show My Location" option to the maps service. Anyone with a Smart-Phone (iPhone, Android phones, Pre?, etc) will be familiar with the Show My Location button because it has been on the phone-app version of Google Maps for quite a while - and if you have a GPS enabled smart-phone it comes in quite handy if you're in the middle of nowhere and need see/know exactly where you are.

But other than for pure-geek-appeal, I dont quite get the reason for needing a 'find me' option while viewing a map on your home PC.  Sure, I guess if you've been kidnapped and tied up in a basement and you are able to escape and get to your captor's computer it might be helpful, but why not just call 911 and let them figure it out, or send an email to someone?

The accuracy of the Show My Location feature is another issue.  The very first time I tried it, my location was pinpointed within a few houses of my actual location, but after that, it only displays my location very generally and puts me somewhere in the general vicinity of my city.

Google Maps Find Me button

Give the location services button a try at GoogleMaps.  You have to have a newer browser (Chrome or FireFox 3.5), and you have to authorize Google Maps to try and locate you by clicking OK to a security warning that will appear (good for privacy reasons). 

Please post comment on how accurately Google Maps pinpoints your location, and, if you have an idea why anyone would actually want/need to locate themselves, for goodness sake, please post that too..



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Re: Google Adds Location FInder to Maps (for Geeks only?)

On the iPhone it gets me within a half block of where I am. Using Firefox 3.5 and allowing Google to use my location got me my city. I waited well over three minutes and still nothing but my city. It's still open in a tab and still no luck. Oh well.

As far as reasons to use? Not many I guess. I suppose if I was at a friends new house and I didn't drive and someone called me to get directions but the friend wasn't there for some reason but I was on their computer I could give directions. If it would load.

I don't want to die without any scars. 

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