Google Officially Cancels Gmail for Blackberry

Blackberry was once the undisputed leader of the smartphone world but unfortunately that was quite some time ago. Now we keep seeing reports of Blackberry losing more and more of the smartphone market; in an unrelated announcement this week it was also made clear that there will no longer be a Gmail app for Blackberry. 

The announcement comes as somewhat of a surprise from Google because up until now basically every single smartphone OS has been fully supported with a Gmail app. Of course Research in Motion has made it clear that their enhanced Gmail system is still going to remain functional, so losing the Gmail app is not a big deal. Fortunately the alternative of using a web based HTML5 Gmail is available for Blackberry users now as well.

Regardless of what everyone says, it definitely seems like Blackberry is continuing on their downward slide. Gmail is a major name and the fact that Blackberry is losing support from someone like this means that there is definitely something going on within the company that people don’t like.




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