Google Voice just got better

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Google Voice just got better

Google Voice listens to what the people want. GV Just added a new feature to SMS notification. Now you can choose to have texts sent to your email instead of to your phone. Normally when you receive a new SMS Google Voice will send a text to your phone letting you know. That means you pay for a text or risk overage if you don't have an unlimited plan. You can turn this feature off but then you have to manually check for new SMS. Now you can get immediate notification without paying for a text plan.

Log into Google Voice. Go to Settings. Click the Voicemail and SMS tab. Under Send a text (SMS) message to: UnCheck the box. Just under that check the box that saysForward SMS messages to my email:

Now your texts will go to email. Open your email and you can reply from email to that text. The other person will think it came from the GV number.

On my iPhone I use Gpush (99 cents) and get instant notification of new emails. I did some tests using my cell number and GV number. It worked flawlessly and instantly. This will work on any phone with internet access. Smart phones might benefit the most from this option. Google Voice is invite only so go to and submit your email address for an invite. It's a free service that does tons of stuff.



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