GooglePage hacks: How to hack Google Page Creator

How to hack Google Page Creator

Hack Googlepages!

Google Page Creator (Googlepages) is still pretty new, so I don't know of any hacks for it yet.
Here is what we know so far (it's difficult to learn because we have not yet been able to get a Page Creator account!):

  • No support for PHP
  • Very basic WYSIWYG html editor, capable of bolds, italics, NO underline, and colors
  • You cant change the background color from the predefined template that you choose
  • Supports 4 font sizes and the following fonts: Times New Roman, Arial, Courier New, Georgia, Trebuchet, and Veranda.
  • In-line links and images are supported, but they MUST be prefixed with WWW - is not accepted and must be entered at
  • You can only position images in predefined locations on the page

Google Pages is pretty basic

So overall Google Page Creator is pretty limited and basic. But because it's still new there is room for improvment.

Post your Google Page Creator Hacks!

If you have a GooglePages account and know of any good hacks or mods for, please post them at the bottom of this page! Be sure to include a link to your Google-Page to show it off! Even if you don't know of any Googlepage hacks, if you have a goodlooking Google Page, post a link to it anyway!



can't edit the template or CSS or anything. it will be hard

I'm working on hacks and modifications for Google pages. if i figure anything out i will post.

all i get is 'Due to heavy demand, we are unable to offer new accounts for today.'
"for today"?! i've been seeing that message for 2 weeks!
does anyone have any Gmail invites??

Clear the browser cache and cookies

I happen to have a gpages account that i luckily signed up for right when it came out. I'm not extremely good with web design so its been really nice for people with no design experience. I'm guessing that since i have a account with 1gig of storage i can link it up through my googlepages and have a nice little website since gpages only has 100mb. I'm sure you could get a nice site going with multiple gpage acounts. thats the only hack i've got so far but thats not a hack, lol.

an as for templates and stuff couldnt you just use googlepages as a domain and drop a website into your gpages storage? it seems like it would work to me. if theres anything you guys want me to try out with my gpage then let me know.

You can upload html to googlepages and make it do whatever you want.

html upload works great -->

Anybody know how i could upload some html right into my page like i would at myspace?

you can add a page counter to track how many hits your GoogePages site gets by adding a free counter from someplace like these:

you can upload your own CSS and link to that. The only problem is with the default page, whose CSS you cannot define. Make it a generic welcome page and link to your normal pages.


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