Google's New Music Streaming Service Is Here

Google's Music ServiceToday at Google I/O a major new service from Google was announced that will likely become very popular. Google has been talking about a streaming music service for a while now and that is finally a reality thanks to Google Play Music. The service was officially announced today and also launched today for US users and so far it is looking very promising.

Google is hopeful that this service will compete with sites like Pandora, Grooveshark, as well as Apple's upcoming music streaming service. The service will begin with a 1 month free trial and from then on out it'll be $10 a month for unlimited music. What makes Google different is that it will not only stream radio style music, playlists, genres, or other groups of music, it will also serve as a digital locker for your personally owned music (like it already has for a while).

Google may be onto a big hit with this one, so it is probably worth checking out. Google Play Music might just be the next big thing to take on Pandora.





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