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gotta camera question

I'm not sure if this is where i should post it but here it goes. I'm always taking pictures and i'm always uploading them on to my comp but i tried to upload some yesterday and when i plugged my camera in it wouldn't do anything. Does anyone know what's going on with my comp and why it won't let me upload my pics or is there another way i can try to upload them?????


Thanks alot guys

Well i haven't tried the stuff yet but thanks for the info i'll go and try what you guys said.

Using docking port or USB cable?

Try restarting your PC and after everything loads, plug in your camera with the camera's power off, then power your camera on. I'm assuming you have a standard USB connection instead of a docking cradle? And be sure your camera's batteries are strong.

Once you get your photos copied on your PC, you may need to reformat the memory card using the camera's reformat function. Do this after you disconnect your camera.

Ashton's point about disconnecting USB flash drives applies to your camera too. This is how I disconnect: Click the Remove Hardware icon (green arrow) in the task bar and stop it from there. Next turn camera power off, then unplug your camera.


When loading pictures to your PC, use the "right-click copy" method and not "right-click cut". When deleting pictures from your camera be sure and use the camera's delete function after you have disconnected and not delete them using "right-click delete" from your computer.

I'm not a big fan of docking cradles or software that comes with cameras. I never run the software that comes with a camera. I prefer to plug in a new camera using a standard USB cable and let the driver install do its thing so I can see the camera's flash memory as a seperate drive.

If Windows does not have or cannot find the drivers they will be on the CD that came with the camera. Insert the CD but do not let it install. When the install menu comes up click exit. Using the Found New Hardware interface you can navigate to the CD to find the drivers.



If you can't connect camera to Comp you can get a card reader and transfer the photos that way. The card readers are normally very inexpensive from 5$ -35$ and they accept multiple media cards. Also if the camera connects to the comp thru USB you may want to try unplugging it from comp and using another USB port and see if it is recognized.

USB problem

Whoops, I broke my own rule about posting before the second cup of coffee was finished.

Sometimes you can get the memory card on the camera to communicate with the PC by selecting "reformat the memory card" on the camera's menu option, if it's supported. Data loss will occur.

For flash drives:-)

The number one way USB flash drives become messed up is because it was removed while there was still an action being performed from it, ie: files weren't completely saved when the "save" button was clicked.

That's why getting in the habit of clicking the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon on the bottom Windows taskbar will guarantee that all actions are or will need to be stopped.


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