Greys Anatomy

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Greys Anatomy

How many people here watch the show? I got hooked on it last season. I watch it on Lifetime when it comes on back to back to catch up on old episodes - and I cannot miss any new episodes on ABC.

If you watch the show - do you think that Izzie will return? I miss George sooooo much. Yes he is a little on the dorky side but you can't help but love him and his generous personality. I can't believe they killed him off. I cry everytime I see that episode! :( It's so ironic how Izzie is in the elevator in that same pink dress in her dream like state while George is dying like she was in the elevator the second that her ex Denny died. I guess you have to see all the seasons to understand what I am saying. That is one thing I really like about the show - it all fits together.



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