✧A Griswold Christmas✧

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✧A Griswold Christmas✧

Christmas Vacation, a holiday cult classic! Have any of those neighbor's in your neighborhood? I did in my former neighborhood. The entire cul-de-sac. Every holiday had lights: Easter Egg Lights & egg decoration everywhere. Halloween lights and everything that relates to that holiday including inflatables adorned that entire cul-de-sac. St. Patrick's Day - yes, green shamrock lights around the doors & windows. July 4th, everything possible had red/white/blue ribbons, bows, stars, and yes.....illegal fireworks the entire night. Christmas....every year they entire 'hood good be seen from Mars. Truly! *it looked like it anyway*

Share your best "Griswold Style" yard/lawn here. If you are not so furtunate to live next to one.....find your best photograph on the internet and let's see it!



Re: ✧A Griswold Christmas✧

 Geez. I wonder what the energy bill runs on these houses.... anyway, here's one I found... no one in my neighbor hood doing anything like that... 


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