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AE's Album Picks

My current summer music collection will include these two new HOT ALBUMS. I high recommend them both, especially if you enjoy an eclectic music collection like i do!


1. Marilyn Manson- The High End Of Low

Now available on itunes (as of May 23rd), as well as various other locations...heh. Catch the first new video release here as well as a few of the songs from the album. PARENTAL DISCRETION IS ADVISED. Its marilyn manson;  the lyrics are as dirty as you'd expect want them to be!

2. Eminem- Relapse

Not as good as Marshall Mathers- but MUCH better than his last. Not as gritty and angry as you'd expect but some definite lyrical beats to be heard in this new album! Get it now on iTunes or hit your local stores. the album dropped May 19th and so far im hearing good things! Click here for Crack A Bottle (ft. dr dre and 50cent) Again- DIRTY LYRICS (duh, its eminem)


Re: AE's Album Picks

i've read a lot of good reviews about Eminem's recent release. the download & streaming stats from MTV to MySpace are staggering! i'm guessing this will be the most talked about come back this summer....or year.


lone wolf
Re: AE's Album Picks

i know that their not exactly new nor do they have any new albums but ive been listening to vnv nation a lot lately i think the meanings behind the lyrics are pretty cool my favorite songs by them are illusion and chrome.


ive also been listening to KMFDM a lot lately too if yo ulike industrial or techno or even darkwave give both of these bands a listen and stop over at youre local record store or hit up itunes and pick up a cd or two :)



nope im not dead lol just busy writing papers to get me into college

Re: AE's Album Picks

Marilyn Manson- The High End Of Low is definitely on my download list, soon as hubby gets done with Chickenfoot or whatever he is hogging the computer for the last couple of days.

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