Anyone else melting?

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Almost Evil
Anyone else melting?

4 days in a row now of triple-digit temps. IN THE MIDDLE OF MAY!!! Not to mention the 70%+ humidity. WTF is going on here? This is still california, right? I can handle triple august. I am not ready yet. I barely have my winter clothes put away. We skipped spring this year and went straight to helll...summer.

On another note, so-Cal got rocked a bit by a baby earthquake yesterday. On my birthday. The day I was born, Mt St Helen's erupted (12 minutes after I was born. My dads "lucky" number is 12). The day I celebrate my last birthday, theres an earthquake. Coincidence?



Re: Anyone else melting?

....tomorrow, it'll reach 112. j/ had the whole '12' thing going on.

on another note, i've been watching the weather there and in AZ, the neighboring state. warm as hell indeed.

and from what i've learned from the locals, it is unusually cold here. currently, a whopping 54,yes, fifty-four frigid fricken' degrees.


Re: Anyone else melting?

Freakishly cold around here, but starting to warm back up today.  Last night, my sister actually had FROST up in the mountains!  FROST!!!  In May! 


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Re: Anyone else melting?

We're about 45 miles from where the earthquake was and we felt it.. a bit.. Grandma was pretty much right on top of it and it shook some dishes out of the cabinets but that's about it..

As for the temps.. suck it up, summer is coming! but.. it was only about 88F here today :-) ..

Re: Anyone else melting?

It will be a chilling 37 tonight... Much colder then is usually the case... No triple digits here!

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Re: Anyone else melting?

i'm in pitssburgh so we're no where near melting unless rain makes you melt......

Re: Anyone else melting?

dont know how you guys deal with the earthquakes. ya never know when those are going to occur. but its been pretty hot here for the last couple weeks...then again it might just be my tummy weight talking...but then today its windy and like 50-60. gorgeous!!

Hello Cupcake
Re: Anyone else melting?


I agree, I don't mind a triple digit in August, it's expected but not yet!

*sigh* It's been rough...

But I can feel the cool down today :)


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