Beauty Blunders... (and how to fix them!)

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Beauty Blunders... (and how to fix them!)

We've all done it... We've all had days where we knew we just shouldn't have bothered with that product and now we're paying for it... no time to redo it... and trying to cover it up or undo it just seems to make it worse...

Mistakes... and just bad luck... all happen sooner or later... maybe you were rushing and didn't take precautions thinking you'd be fine that one time... or maybe you just weren't paying attention and something slipped...

I'm going to go into some of my beauty faux-pas and how I've learned to fix them (and fast)... feel free to add on, I'll try to keep up with the main post and add them to the list so we don't have to filter through comments...  Also, if you have any requests to find quick solutions, post, maybe someone has a secret they don't realize, or maybe you've given us a new quest... I'm not sure if these things I learned myself or read about (and which is which)... but I've done them and they all work for me!


Problem 1: You put on your foundation or powder, and realize all too late that your skin is flaky. (eww)

Solution: I have dry skin so this happens to me more than I care to admit. I've learned that trying to scratch the flakes off makes it worse, but tweezers does a fantastic job of just pulling them off without creating more, so I just finish up what I'm doing and try to get rid of them that way.  If I have a lot of mini-flakes, a moisturizer after I'm done on those areas makes the dead skin translucent so as long as I don't go over it with powder it should be invisible for the day. Try and avoid putting powder (or more anyway) on these areas... kinda shiny skin is more attractive than flaky skin... think 'dewy'... worst case, you have to start over, this should be at the beginning of your makeup routine and hopefully you haven't wasted too much time... put on a moisturizer and just use concealer until you have time to get rid of the flakes

Prevention:  The best thing I've found for removing dead skin is a terrycloth wash rag... I use that in the shower when my skin gets flaky and it makes them all go away... exfoliating scrubs help as well.


Problem 2: You're putting on your eyeshadow and then realize you've had fallout and it's all down your face and under your eyes...

Solution: Another situation where using your fingers will just make it worse... Scotch tape is amazing... trying to cover it up with concealer won't do either because you'll still get streaks... I've used the sticky side of post-it notes with success as well... just stick onto the mess, pull off... repeat as necessary... this may also pull off any concealer/powder/foundation, but that's far easier to fix.

Prevention: I flick the handle of my brush to shake off any excess... this also works with the sponge applicators... if you know you're probably going to encounter fallout (loose eyeshadows or elaborate 'looks') then wait to do face makeup last, so it doesn't ruin anything. Do NOT under any circumstance use the 'translucent powder' method whereyou pile on a silica powder before your eye makeup and brush away after so that fallout doesn't 'stick' and brushes away with it, because one candid flash-photo later, and you'll be the laughing stock. 


Problem 3: Whoops... a little too much blush on one side! (or both...)

Solution: A cotton ball... swirl it in a circular motion over the side that has too much... it'll grab the blush and lighten it up... please don't try to put more on the opposite side to make it look 'even'... please... just... please... also, I believe the 'scotch tape' method works well in this situation too...

Prevention: Make sure you're blush isn't too dark and you risk this every time first off... and like the eyeshadow... tap off the excess to ensure an even amount on the brush each time...


Problem 4: Pretty pretty eyelashes... then *GLOB*... too much mascara...

Solution: This can be tricky... If it's on the bottom lashes, your best bet is just to pinch those lashes between your thumb and index finger... If it's just a glob at the end of the lash(es), the pinching method works really well... if you just have a little too much on, then I find running the front of my lashes on my index finger (the same way you use your mascara wand) helps get it off... I suppose you could do this with a paper towel or tissue paper as well...

Prevention: My opinion is it's probably getting time to get a new mascara if you can't predict when you're going to get globs or not... but in the meantime, just take a good look at the brush before you apply, and wipe off excess mascara on the tube or a paper towel... I don't like globs so I wipe off the entire wand on the tube before I take it to my lashes.


Problem 5:  You decide you want to put on your awesome lipstick/gloss/whatever... only, you have chapped or flaky lips...

Solution:  Terry-cloth to the rescue again! Remember how I said it's the best at removing dead skin? That means the lips too. Rubbing a damp/wet wash rag over them will scrub away the flakies... use a good lip balm or conditioner lightly before you put on your lip color since some lip formulas are drying and will just make it worse. My favorite is good ol' carmex.

Prevention: Always keep a good lip conditioner or balm on... I even put carmex on before I go to sleep... my lips are never naked.


Problem 6:  You put your eyeliner (liquid especially) on too wide... or just had a hand spasm and it's not in what could even be considered a line....

Solution: wet q-tip... q-tips are your friend! if it's waterproof, then dab it in some eyemakeup remover or vaseline... Those pointy q-tips work really well for beauty mistakes...

Prevention: Quit drinking so much caffeine!! Just kidding... I don't know if there's much of a prevention for this... it's just one of those things that happens every now and again... I guess tattooing your eyeliner on would work... but what if *THEY* have a hand spasm? what then? q-tips wont save *THAT*.



Almost Evil
Re: Beauty Blunders... (and how to fix them!)

 I change between thick eyeliner and a skinny lil line all the time. So if i have an oops (i call it the yips, from nip/tuck) i just call it a sign that its supposed to be a thick liner day.

I love Clinique's lip treatment. And i like good ol' blistex!


"If lightning strikes twice, I dont want to be standing next to you! "

Re: Beauty Blunders... (and how to fix them!)

Blistex dries out on me... found that out in high school (would have rather NOT)... it leaves this filmy white chapstick crap on my lips... 


Re: Beauty Blunders... (and how to fix them!)

I love lip exfoliator.  It's strangely gratifying to do.  Sephora makes a great peel.

I also have one that has sugar in it on one side and the other side is just emollient.  I'll have to grab it out of the car and let you know the brand.  

I love Brambleberry Rose lip balm - great for chasing away the chappy peelies.  But Girlie loathes the smell and taste, so I guess it's not for everyone.  It's in a really groovy tin with a 1920s looking chick on the front.


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Hello Cupcake
Re: Beauty Blunders... (and how to fix them!)

I have to continuously reapply it too.  No film but I'm not too thrilled with it.  I have it next to me right on my desk.  Blistex Silk and Shine.  It's just a backup now.  It does work for me, I just wish it would last longer. 

I've been wanting to try this

And YES always apply a good lip balm on before bed.  Love that tip.

Re: Beauty Blunders... (and how to fix them!)

For Problem 1: You put on your foundation or powder, and realize all too late that your skin is flaky, Clinique has a spray moisturizer that I love just for this occasion. It is the consistency of water and can go over make up.

Hello Cupcake
Re: Beauty Blunders... (and how to fix them!)

I really never correct my eyeliner.  I think I can count on one hand the number of times I've had to.  I'm like AE, if it turns out thick then "oh well" it's going to be one of those dramatic eyeliner days for me lol.  I've been known to also just go with it and then it's "smokey eye sex kitten night".

Wet q-tips are the best.  Love them for stray mascara

I have this thing about make-up left on eyebrows.  No matter how careful I am it happens. Sweep a slightly damp q-tip (or it has vaseline, hey you can tame them at the same time) over the brow and then sweep the dry side of the q-tip across if needed.  I finish with a brow brush and no make-up brows. 

PrincessB wrote:
Clinique has a spray moisturizer that I love just for this occasion. It is the consistency of water and can go over make up.

That sounds nifty!  I like that idea.

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