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Almost Evil
Re: Come out Come Out Wherever You Are!

 Yikes. Thats pretty open minded of ya. Its not just sex in the books, its super graphic sex with orgies, super detailed orgies...3somes, anal sex, gay man buttsex, and all sorts of other things that even made *ME* blush. And i work in porn! I cant imagine what a 'tween' would think reading that. How old is a tween anyways? i dont have kids so i dunno how those ages work lol.


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Re: Come out Come Out Wherever You Are!

If I may intervene here real quick... of course she's hooked!  If she's 16 or younger, she's going to be very interested in these books, given to her by her mom, with graphic sex scenes.

Now, don't take this as a scolding.  I do support the practice of prepping your child for the true real world, I'm just saying not to sound so surprised that she's hooked on these books.

I'd even wager she's telling her friends about "these books with hot sex scenes in them that my mom gave me!".   I won't be surprised if she even starts lending them to her friends.

Vampire books with graphic sex are to teen girls what dad's playboys are to a teen guy.

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Hello Cupcake
Re: Come out Come Out Wherever You Are!

I'm getting my azz in gear and looking for the Twilight Saga online.  I've been putting off seeing the movie because I want to read the books first. With the dvd release and this group, lol, I'm getting on it :)

Re: Come out Come Out Wherever You Are!

I have not read the Twilight series. I am hearing amazing things from all sorts of people. I think I'll have to pick up the first book and find out for myself! I enjoy a good vampire book myself, so I think I'll take some of your suggestions, AE! Thank you ever-so much!
I still absolutley LOVE Bram Stoker's Dracula, especially when you put it into perspective with the time it was written. Great book.

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