Everyone ready for triple digits?

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Almost Evil
Everyone ready for triple digits?

Here they come! triple digits are in the forecast for much of california for the next few days. What's everyone have planned to stay cool? Stay inside with ac blasting? Hit a cool movie theatre? Maybe escape to the lakes/rivers/beaches?

Saturday June 27th Projected temps:

Redding: 107

Sacramento: 105

Fresno: 106

Riverside: 99

San Diego: 94 (thats hot for SD)



Re: Everyone ready for triple digits?

I'm in Fresno and I'm staying in the pool!

Re: ready for triple digits?

Phhfftt.. Sissys..
We went to the park for a few hours on Saturday.. ~98F
BBQ'd yesterday.. ~95
Just got back from my 2Mi walk ~93F.. but humid.. looks like we might get some Tstorms now..

I'll take clear and hot over dark/cold any day!

Re: ready for triple digits?

Wearing Plenty of sunscreen this weekend... Were taking the JetSkis to Laughlin, NV... The old Colorado River for 4 of July.. Yay!! & maybe I'll be able to sneak out from the group and run to the spa in the hotel.. shh... lol..


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Almost Evil
Re: Everyone ready for triple digits?

 Yah it hit 109 here yesterday. The inside of my car was a toasty 120- IN THE SHADE!

Three more days of projected triple digits- then we'll cool down to upper 90s. Yippee....


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