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Re: Getting your brows in shape...

Okay, I'm a guy. What the he11 is threading? It doesn't sound pleasant...

Edit: I just saw the link... How does that not hurt???

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Re: Getting your brows in shape...

How does that not hurt???

Aha, sounds like volunteer talk! :D j/k lol

Well reading that article it's said to not peel the skin like waxing.  Seems a more natural alternative too.

I just like to peel oranges :)



Re: Getting your brows in shape...

I guess I should be more specific.  It's not completely pain-free, I don't think any form of hair removal is, but it hurts significantly less.  When you're getting waxed, the wax pulls and irritates the skin surrounding the hair as well as pulling the hair out.  Threading doesn't touch the surrounding skin at all, so all you feel is the hair coming out.  It's not something i'd try to do myself, though.

Hairline threading?  Haven't heard of that yet, please elaborate...


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Re: Getting your brows in shape...

Best way to describe it i guess...

Cleaning up the hairline.  Some ladies have what is called "baby hair" and rather have it removed for a cleaner look.  Some like J-lo say it's a must to have and loves the look of baby hair. 

I'll clarify too:

When I think of "hurting" I think of something like what waxing can do.  When they rip the strip and you have that moment where it hurts so much your knee-jerk reaction is to probably punch them in the face :) To me that is hurting lol

I've been told different things about threading because everyone's take on pain can be different.  Though I also believe it matters who is doing it and if they are doing it right.  I've been told that it "stings" somewhat and someone once told me that she thought it felt kinda good lol :)


Re: Getting your brows in shape...

i tweeze now. ive grown numb to it. waxing scares me. my husband did some waxing on his brows. (hes so great about the hair growing in bad places thing... love him!)...but even he ended up with a open wound. not for me. i might try this threading thing. im going to look into it and ill let you guys know.


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Re: Getting your brows in shape...

I have an eyebrow fetish. I'm talking full Jennifer Connelly eyebrows with a beautiful shape. I used to wax them but now I just tweeze. Threading sounds very interesting, though. I wouldn't mind giving it a shot.

Here's a little trick I use when shaping mine while putting on my make up. Chapstick! You know when you wake up and every little hair in one eyebrow is going every which way? Works like a charm. :)


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Re: Getting your brows in shape...

lol I just mentioned Jennifer Connelly :)

She's an awesome celebrity to use as brow inspiration.  And woah, that's a great tip setponap!  I never thought of chapstick, everyone usually has it handy too. 

Also it's nice to hear you have an eyebrow fetish and not mean over plucking.  I rather a beauty fetish mean that you may be extremely schooled and possibly have it down to an art. The fact that you're going for the natural look makes it even better. Which I like. 

Re: Getting your brows in shape...

I wax. I like a little arch. But let me tell ya lately my eyebrows look a little like the are thinning. So I decided to suffer and let the *cringe* grow in!!! It started to look like they were going to meet my lash line But then the other day I went and got waxed again and they are perfect!! I won't do threading because the only place around here that does it is in the middle of the mall!!! I hate that! Who wants everyone walking by to see them getting beautified???? lol

I wish it was SUMMER!


Re: Getting your brows in shape...

My eyebrows grow in fine and wild. They aren't thin or anything but they aren't thick either. I tried plucking, but it hurts way too bad. I use those eyebrow archers I guess you call them??? You know the stick with the blade....I think I'm going to try waxing soon though because my eyebrows grow back way too fast.

Re: Getting your brows in shape...

i love the wax method & having it done is even better. paying for a pain that doesn't phase me. the hot wax feels incredible! what does get me is sitting there knowing any moment she'll rip that cloth strip right off! i get anxiety sitting there and just as i start to! again, the pain is temporary and can be soothed. love it!



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