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Almost Evil
Re: Getting your brows in shape... i basically never do anything with mine except pluck a random stray. I dont get them waxed or plucked on a regular basis. I guess im lucky in that way. I prolly SHOULD have them shaped or something, but i think they mostly look ok as they are. Or maybe im just lazy...


"So, Lone Star, now you see that evil will always triumph because good is dumb. "

Thin vs Thick (fake vs real) eyebrows

Just as a point of reference - and to help guide some of you ladies:  SOME men prefer things to be on the real side (not just with eyebrows, BTW), or at least somewhere between "real" and "Fake" ..

So for reference:

Real (Beautiful):


Fake (clown gear):


So.. Please.. let's not get carried away!

Almost Evil
Re: Thin vs Thick (fake vs real) eyebrows



"So, Lone Star, now you see that evil will always triumph because good is dumb. "

Hello Cupcake
Re: Thin vs Thick (fake vs real) eyebrows

Top photograph, that's Jennifer Connelly isn't it?  She's gorgeous. 

Re: Thin vs Thick (fake vs real) eyebrows

I agree with you 100% hubby. Those bottom ones look like something an alien would wear or something... Just keep stuff natural. Its the way humans have been for the 99% of the time we've been on earth.

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Hello Cupcake
Re: Getting your brows in shape...

I just want to thank some of the guys for stopping by.  I got boys to post in Beauty Junkies, wheeeeee.

Anime's brow maintenance sounds like mine.  I don't have to shape, nor would I.  Having a natural arch makes it simple and I just have to beautify it by removing the strays.  Listing all those things I did was a bit weird because all that is foreign to me.  With the exception of clear mascara that gets used sometimes and a brow brush.  Other than that I keep it natural as possible.  And there is no pain for myself.  Tweezing doesn't even make me tear up.  If you're not pulling strays like I am and you're tweezing...

Tip: Pull one hair at a time, take your time.  Rushing and pulling more than one because "you want to get this over with" can make it hurt more than it already does or can. 

Someone mentioned razor.  I have a horror story about that.  Something I saw in a salon.  No matter how careful you are or how many years of experience you have, accidents can happen.  I saw a razor dropped during an eyebrow appointment and the stylist caught it in her hands to make sure the client didn't get hurt.  She cut her hand a bit from doing that.  Kinda scary, freak accident, so be very careful.  

I want to add even though I don't use very much for up keep, I'm glad all this stuff exists.  Especially those who want alternatives for example maybe some in the cancer community.

Re: Getting your brows in shape...

My skin is too sensitive to wax. Well, the skin under one eye is too sensitive. Ever since I was 12 (and waxed for the first time) and attempt to wax the skin from under my right eyebrow tares right off leaving a nasty cut that takes forever to heal. CRAZY RIGHT?! But my skin IS super crazy and sensitive, hence my yearly visits to the dermatologist since I turned 18.

I wish I could wax, but I can't so I just have to stick to plucking stray hairs now and then.

Re: Getting your brows in shape...

 I own my own waxing kit that I got a Sally's Beauty Supply.  It kinda took a while to get a hang of, but I love it.





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