Hair, HAIR, long beautiful hair!!

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Hair, HAIR, long beautiful hair!!

Yes ladies, now for the fun stuff.  ~LOL~

Here's a picture of me from July of last year.  Granted the braids draw the hair up some, plus it's also grown a few more inches as well, but it still gives you a visual of what I'm working with.  My hair is normally of a good thickness, but I lose some of that to the length.  It also has a natural curl to it, but nothing so extreme that it can't be worked with.  And yes, that IS my natural color. 

I will restate that I'm not one to do much with my hair other than throwing up into a bun.  Also it will be an outdoor ceremony at the end of August (in the morning), so that will play into account.  Granted my hair, in the past, has been very good about taking to form and staying that way (especially when assisted by mouse/gel/hairspray, though I try not to use them much), but I don't want it to fall to pieces before the reception is over (around 5-6pm).

I realize a lot of these styles look very similar to one another, but they do all vary slightly.  Honestly I'm really liking & leaning more towards this style ... front view & side view ... with this one as a close second ... and this currently running third.

GAH!!  Too many to choose from!  ~L~  Which one(s) do you like?  (The rest listed in no particular order.  Okay, maybe slightly in order.)









Re: Hair, HAIR, long beautiful hair!!

since you are planning ahead not knowing what the weather will be like, i'd select #6.

however, #9 is an excellent style to compliment your dress.

on another note, hair as beautiful as yours can be worn 'unfussed' with and still be striking ;)


Re: Hair, HAIR, long beautiful hair!!

I LOVE #2.  It goes amazingly with your dress, AND, if it's a hot day, it's perfect, your hair is out of your face. 


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Almost Evil
Re: Hair, HAIR, long beautiful hair!!

 Personally im not a huge fan of #1- but i ADORE #2 and #3. I think both of those are beautiful and like LadyC said, you'll want your hair out of your face. Hugging a buncha people, dancing, AND ITS AUGUST! :) I think either style would look gorgeous with your long hair, and buy a handful of those clip in rhinestones to place throughout your long hair. It will make you sparkle all day long and no one will notice you dont have a veil!


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Re: Hair, HAIR, long beautiful hair!!

I like number three.

Re: Hair, HAIR, long beautiful hair!!

so... I'm kinda with 2na... I like number 6 for safety reasons... it's pretty, it won't fall, rain won't destroy it, dancing won't destroy it, it won't need touch-ups, it's not going to feel a whole lot different from your normal bun, it's up off your neck so you won't get hot, etc etc... plus I just think knotted-updos are the coolest looking updos of them all...

But I'm really digging the vintage-inspired wave at the front/side of number 1...

Why not find a combination of the different things you like of a few of the pictures (who says you have to do it exactly like the picture??)?? or make a list of things you want in a hairstyle BEFORE choosing (like off your neck? down? curls? waves?) and then look for styles that fall into the new category you've created...

Hello Cupcake
Re: Hair, HAIR, long beautiful hair!!

I like three and six :)

I second the sparkles in number three.   Outdoors, they'll catch the light and you'll glitterizzzze :)

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