Im On A Boat

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Almost Evil
Im On A Boat

So, if you havent been living in a cave, you've at least heard of T-pain and you've likely heard of The Lonely Island (from the incredibad guys) So imagine what happens when these comic idiots guys team up with T-Pain to put out an awesome new video, Im On A Boat

Seriously, geeky white guys collar-poppin to some rap. Its geek-tastic. Its also NSFW and NSFChildrens

However, If you want to good laugh that makes you go W T F???? You need to watch!

You must copy and paste the link, as I dont want to be accused of accidental clickage (even though u will LOL!)



Re: Im On A Boat

I love this video/song!! I stumbled upon it a few weeks ago on youtube and had to watch it over and over!
I got my swim trunks, and my flippy-floppies!

Special Note: Behind the landscape of doubt flows a reservior of "ok-ness."

Re: Im On A Boat

okay, watched it. i too like the 'flippy floppies' lyric. but that was about it. oh, the vessel was sa'weeet.

what i did like was the video right before it, 'I'm The Boss.' funny shizzle, that one.


Hello Cupcake
Re: Im On A Boat

I was channel flipping at a friends house when I first saw that.  I had the "what the....." look on my face and then couldn't even pay attention to the video/song I was laughing so much.  It's awesome <3

Come on' he threw hamburgers at the camera like a true gangsta LOL 

Re: Im On A Boat

That was pretty funny!

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