I'm from (insert city here!)

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Almost Evil
I'm from (insert city here!)

I know where most of you are from, but Im not sure you all know where everyone else is from!

Let us know which city you are in- and ONE interesting fact about where you live!


I currently live in Sacramento.

Fun Fact:

When gold was discovered in 1848, the rush of people to Sacramento and its surrounding areas was recorded as the largest human migration in history.


Re: I'm from (insert city here!)

Dahlonega, Georgia

Fun fact: We are home to the first major US Gold Rush, and a US mint existed here awhile, making gold coins.

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Re: I'm from (insert city here!)

I'm from Albert, Kansas. I have lived in a lot of other cities I currently live in Chicago IL The city of Big Shoulders.

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Re: I'm from (Key West)

Only one????

hmmmmm... ok...

In 1982 Key West seceded from the United States and declared itself the Conch Republic rebelling over a border patrol roadblock  at the entrance to the Florida Keys.

The Pelican became the official Republic Bird and the Hibiscus the official Republic Flower. The newly formed Conch Republic then proceeded to ask for foreign aid from the United States.  We have an annual week-long celebration to commemorate the event..(big surprise....any reason to party!!!)

Re: I'm from (Key West)



Born and raised on the beaches in OC :)

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Re: I'm from (insert city here!)

I live in Carmel,CA and currently it is illegal to wear inches higher than 1 inch on city streets....oh and to eat ice cream while walking down the street.

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