Music That Gets You Moving!

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Music That Gets You Moving!

Everyone has their own type of music that when gets the blood flowing, lyrics come to mind, the singing begins, and the body starts moving!

I have many and my selection is not limited to rock, pop, reggae, jazz or metal. Sometimes it is the rhythm, while other times it could be the lyrics. This morning it was Tom Petty's 'American Girl.'

What songs/tunes get you up and moving? Why?


Re: Music That Gets You Moving!

The song that gets me up and moving is "Art B*tch" by CSS.  Anytime I'm in my car and need to get myself pumped up before a meeting, seeing a friend, work, anything I blast it!  It gets me moving because of the beat and the chick sounds a little angry (I'm a sucker for semi-angry chicks).  And there are a couple of awesome lines in the song as well.

There are some Death Cab for Cutie songs that get me pumped in a different way (they're my all time favorite group) but not in the same sense.


Re: Music That Gets You Moving!

sldakak wrote:
(I'm a sucker for semi-angry chicks).

whoa! okay...i admit that curiosity totally won over on that one. never heard of the song so i looked it up, found a youtube cut complete with a video. so the lyrics are poetic....and angry. turns out i added it to my treadmill run play list. fast, upbeat and not boring by any stretch!

as it relates to angry chick music, there are some great tunes being belted out by many 'a 'mad chicks! alanis morissette, fiona apple, imogen heap, and aimee mann just to name a few.


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Re: Music That Gets You Moving!

 I like You Got TO Move it Move It! From madgascar. How can u not MOVE IT :D

And metro station...yah...idunno...just makes me bounce around...


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Re: Music That Gets You Moving!

i'm sitting here thinking about this and there's sooooo many so i'll just put the song i was just working out to that got me into it the most.......rabbit in the moon "mind fuct"

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