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Sappy songs

For whatever reason, I am completely obsessed with "Unusual You" from none other than Miss Britney Spears. I found this hot video of twilight clips (and basically the best 4 minutes of the whole movies) set to Unusual You.

Do you ever get these silly, sappy songs under your skin and you cant seem to shed them- or is it just me? It could be just me!

And by the way, her new album doesnt totally suck....



Re: Sappy songs

wow! never heard the song before.  but watching the video in conjunction with the song, it's a must own. *damn that rob patterson for making everything so fricken... unbelievably ......yummilicious*


Re: Sappy songs

lost site of the subject matter *rob does that to me*

okay, a few of my fav sappy songs are classics but also qualify as love struck sappy:

Died In Your Arms by Cutting Crew

One by U2

Maybe I'm Amazed by Sir Paul McCartney

Heaven by Bryan Adams

I Want To Know What Love Is by Foreigner


Re: Sappy songs

 Just got a chance to check this out and I'm really glad I did. Love the song, and it fits well with fave clips of the movie. My 16 yo daughter is going to LOVE this.

My fave sappy songs:


fade into you - Mazzy Star
Far Behind - Candlebox
Iris - Goo Goo Dolls


Seasons in the Sun - Terry Jacks
I was about 5 when this was out and I think my favorite part was "skinning our knees." Wow. Long, long time ago...probably 1975 or so. :)


I think I think, therefore I think I am. (Ambrose Bierce)

Re: Sappy songs

oh the sappyness i dont want to remember right now. hormonally challenged right now so id break down in tears just humming it in my head. but the one i remember most is it cant rain all the time off the crow movie soundtrack. o. and unchained melody. ghost...patrick swayze....oh its just too much. *looks for tissue box*

Re: Sappy songs

I am in to metal and don't like her. But that song was pretty good. I liked the video too.

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