True Romance

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True Romance

I've always LOVED (no pun intended) a good romance novel.


Nora Roberts (J.D. Robb) has the most books that I enjoyed.


Dance Upon the Air

Heaven and Earth

Face the Fire



Daring to Dream

Holding the Dream

Finding the Dream

Irish Hearts

Irish Thoroughbred

Irish Rose

Irish Rebel

I also enjoy Jude Deveraux.

The Mulberry Tree

The Blessing

I know there are several GREAT ones I'm leaving out...



Re: True Romance

Rose Madder by Stephen King might be something to satisfy your romantic side as well as the independence we've been discussing elsewhere. :)

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Re: True Romance

I read this a few years ago and know it's at my mom's...which is where I'm going in two days...:) EXCITED!!!!


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Re: True Romance

my mother loves her books. i swear she has every one and as soon as they hit the stands. i go to buy her one as a gift and she tells me she already has it so now i just get her a gift card.


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