How the badging system works

Badges?! We dun need no stinking badges!



Badges and their meanings:

We use a "Badging" system to rate members. These badges are also known as jewelry or GeekBling.




These are the badges we assign to users.

Hall Monitor / Moderator / Peace Keeper Hall Monitor/Peace Keeper: This member helps maintain peace at the site by removing offensive posts and spam, etc.  Opinions of the hall-monitors are not necessarily the opinions of or it's management/owners. Hall Monitors do not speak-for or on-behalf of or it's management/owners.

Chatroom moderator Chatroom moderator:  This member helps keep an eye on the chatroom

Uber Member Uber Member

I am a BadAzz "BadAzz" Member

I am a Super-Sneak! Incredible Member

GOD Badge Super Member

Awesome Member

Certified GuG Helper Certified GuG Helper: This member is trusted and known to go above and beyond the call of duty to help other members.

Trusted Premium Member: Premium members have additional privileges and access to the Premium Member forums

My very first badge! My FIRST badge!: We all start somewhere - this is the very first badge we all get after making a few posts

 Page and Code Wrangler: Helps keep track of pages/lists and helps with the site

Article Writer Badte Article Writer: This member has submitted a "how to" article. See THIS PAGE for info

 Paid Premium Member: Members that have purchased lifetime Premium membership (discontinued Dec. 2008)

Super Donator Premium Member: Members that have helped Grown Up by purchasing multiple Premium Memberships for themselves. 1 Badge ("I donated more than you") for purchasing a total of two memberships (first membership gets the orange badge shown above), 2nd badge ("I donated a LOT more than you") for a total of 3 or more premium purchases. (discontinued Dec. 2008)

Job Well done! Job Well Done! : This member has received special thanks from moderators, several members, or the site owners for a job well-done.

Donating Member: Members that have supported the website (discontinued March 2007)

MacOS Certified Mac Lover: This person has chosen the way of The Mac and has expressed their love of their Macintosh computer

Linux LUVer Linux LUVer: This person has chosen to put Linux on at least one of their personal computers and is probably smarter than you

"I like badges so I bought this for $2": Pretty much self-explanatory. (sales discontinued Dec. 2008) 

 "Someone likes me so much they bought this for me!": Previously available by purchase 

Member has received negative feedback: Member has been naughty by flaming, trolling, posting inaccurate information, or doing other things that mother says you should not do.

This member is making people angry: This member has received multiple complaints and/or has been warned by The Geek, and is walking on thin ice.

To see how to get badges taken away see this post: Where did my badge go?