Grown up Geek is back ONLINE!

Catastrophic database/server crash knocks us offline for days!

Did you notice? was totally offline last Saturday and Sunday, and has been limping along ever since! We're finally 99% back online with the following exceptions:

  • User Accounts: Our user account database got trashed. If you haven't already, please come back and re-create your account.
  • Forum Posts and comments: We're still working on rebuilding the forum areas. But it's been 4 days and we haven't made much headway. The forums area is working fine, but old posts are missing. Help make the forums not look so empty by coming and posting something! Come visit the forums!

We still aren't sure exactly what happened or why the website crashed. My poor hubby gave up trying to figure out what went wrong and has been concentrating on getting the site back to normal.. Poor baby didn't sleep for days! Anyway.. We're back.. Thanks for putting up with us!