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Re: Guitars.

NHatch, I do like your list.

I do a lot of covers of classic rock and if you hear some of my electric rhythms, you'll hear the percussive Angus and Malcolm Young crunch combined with fills that are voiced kinda like what Ed Van Halen used to do.

My sound pulls a lot from Brian May, Steve Stevens, Joe Perry, Steve Clark and Phil Collen (Terror Twins), Elliot Easton, Neil Giraldo, Carlos Santana, Craig Chaquico.  I didn't learn to play like these guys per se.. I think it's more along the lines of they make the music and groove I like, so that's the way my sound aligns.  I like the Steely Dan clean jazz thing, too.

Left with a drummer only and the freedom to just jam, I'll do extended Stevie Ray/Jimi/Trower psyc blues things but I don't necessarily listen to any of them on a regular basis.  Of course I had to learn the handful of Hendrix standards but when I'm left on my own, it does go into a Hendrix-esque ad-lib electric blues thing.

Notice I didn't mention any shredders or sweep-pickers.  ;) I can't think of any that turn my crank...


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