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We've put together a collection of ways modify and hack your Facebook sent to us from members. If you have any other good ways to customize your Facebook or other Facebook help, post them in our Facebook Help forums.

Facebook hacks and mods:

The scripts in these mods require Firefox. Firefox is a free web-browsing program similar to Internet Explorer with additional security features and options.

After you install Firefox, you'll need Greasemonkey. Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension which lets you to add bits of DHTML ("user scripts") to any web page to change its behavior. In much the same way that user CSS lets you take control of a web page's style, user scripts let you easily control any aspect of a web page's design or interaction. Greasemonkey is free. You can download it here: Download Greasemonkey (note: this link will not work in Internet Explorer - you must have Firefox installed to install and use Greasemonkey.  After you've installed Firefox and Greasemonkey, you can install these scripts:

  • AutoLogin: Facebook autologin automatically logs you in to Facebook (it stops asking you to log in every time!)
  • Change the color of Facebook: This script changes the default color of your Facebook. By modifying the code you can make it whatever color scheme you want.

See our how to get into Facebook if your school blocks it page. We have an entire page with different ways to get into Facebook from school or work if it's blocked by a firewall. Go to our get Facebook from school page.

Check out our how to hack a Facebook mood page for info on how to change someone's Facebook mood.

Got more Facebook hacks?

For ongoing Facebook help and discussions or for in-depth questions about Facebook, please visit the Facebook Forums section.




if you change the colors of facebook, would the facebook staff people think it's illegal and delete your facebook acccount?

Greasemonkey only changes the layout as you see it, no one else sees any of the changes you make to something using facebook except you. So I guess change it if you don't like the color, but you're the only one that'll ever see it.

I already have a facebook profile with my old school email but the profile i want to view is in a different network. Is there a way to view someones profile if they are in a different network with another school.

no would u go to a club across the street to meet someone at another bar?

i think my girlfriend has logged into  my account because she has recited materil sent to others that she isnt even friends with... i even covered my tracks and deleted my mini feed and shes mad about that too how can i see all the login times?

The problem with trying to see who's viewed your profile is that, unlike myspace, facebook doesn't count, or for that matter care, how many people have viewed your page since the people who viewed your page are either on your friends list or in your network. So, first off, what makes you think you have a stalker? If it's someone in one of your networks, try adjusting your privacy settings, the only way to know if someone's been on your profile is if they write on your wall or something, If they got your personal info from your profile, that's your own fault. The default setting for personal info is that only your friends can see it.

My high school network got accidentally deleted while i was trying to join another one. I tried to get my old network back it wouldn't let me. IT said I had to wait SIX MONTHS..can anyone help me fix this?

i jz want to see this profile but its freakn blocked or set to private. either way jz wondering how to get past that

Hello, first of all: the Facebook customer support or "help" page is worthless for what I need. I need a FaceBook presence for a business of mine (iPhoneWookie.com) So, first - I Googled what to do and it appeared that I needed to sign up for a regular account. This seems to have been a mistake. Now my business email address is locked up in this account. I deleted the account permanently - I'm still unclear as to whether this even worked. So, I created a "Page"-- under the name iPhoneWookie.com-- so I keep trying to access it and I can't --- any help out there?

Is there any way to change the "Sent Via iphone / blackberry" ect? So if you send from computer or phone it alway's say's "sent Via bumface" or something like that.


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