Happy Birthday LadyC!!!!

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Thank you guys!!!  I had the best birthday EVER!!!  On Monday, one of my best friends decided that she was going to hop in her car and drive 6 hours so she could spend my birthday with me.  She got here Tuesday evening.  So, I spent my birthday with one of my oldest friends, visiting friends and family, and driving around our old hometown.  Boyfriend wound up sick most of this week, so her and I had a girl's night out at the bar, and had a BLAST!  So, I spent yesterday recovering from a hangover, but it was totally worth it!


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Re: Happy Birthday LadyC!!!!

That sounds wonderful LadyC! I'm glad you had so much fun. Hope your boyfriend is feeling better.

Re: Happy Birthday LadyC!!!!

LadyC - glad it was a good one for you. Sounds like it was special - those are the best :)


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